What is IHeartVector?
IHeartVector.com is a database of royalty free vector. Files are priced from $0.99 for a single file up to $12.99 for our vector packs which typically contain 12 or more vector files. Many of the vector files on our website are free and won’t cost you a penny. Be sure to check out the FREE goodies.

What is Vector?
Glad you asked. Here’s our explanation >>

How long does it take to receive my files?
All IHeartVector files are available for direct download for instant satisfaction. As soon as your payment is verified you will be immediately emailed with a download link to your vector files. You mat then download directly to your MAC or WIN computer.

Do these vector files work with MAC and PC?
Yes, these files work on both MAC and PC.

Is there an alternate payment method other than PayPal?
Not right now, but you can use all major credit cards through PayPal without setting up an account with them. We use PayPal because they are ultra secure and a trusted name in ecommerce.

I am having problems downloading a file.
If the file you have purchased is not downloading for any reason, please support. Please include the file name and the email address you used to purchase the file.

Can I get a refund on my Item?
We do not refund unless Item:

  • is corrupt.
  • does not match the what Item description claims

If your file is either corrupt or not what the website described please support. Please include reason for refund request, the file name and the email address you used to purchase the file.

How can I use your images? Are they Royalty Free?
All of the images on our site are Royalty-free which means any vector you purchase on our website may be used for profit, without paying royalties.

How can I use the files that I have downloaded?
You may use the files you download in illustrations, t-shirts, websites, multimedia projects, PowerPoint and just about any other project, except for resale as is.

Why have I not received the e-mail for my download information?
If you do not receive your download e-mail confirmation there’s a chance you may have spam filtering enabled which will cause some messages to be automatically routed to your Bulk Mail, Junk Mail or Spam folder. If you do not receive the download confirmation message within a few minutes of your purchase, please check your spam/junk folder just in case the confirmation email got delivered there instead of your inbox.
If you still did not receive the e-mail with the download instructions, please and we will e-mail you the purchased files.


  1. hi, love the site, am i really able to use your images for printing onto our own stationery to re-sell to the public?…thought i’d check, seems to good to be true!!!

  2. @ Stephanie,

    Yes, you may use our images in your stationary for resale.

    Thanks for stopping by our site.


  3. Hi,

    Fantastic images! Am I able to use your images to create printed silhouettes for resale?


  4. @Kathleen Thanks very much. The majority of free vectors are marked “royalty free” and are free to use in your commercial designs. All of the vector for sale is royalty free.

    - Stefanie

  5. Hi, and thanks for the cool vectors!

    If I use your free vectors for my images that I’m going to sell, do I have to give credits?

    Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand. Thanks for the answer!


  6. @ Matais thanks for enjoying I Heart Vector.

    If the image is marked “royalty free”, you may use it in your creative work with out giving credit.


  7. Hi there,
    I have tried to download some eps vectors, but the download button opens the image as a jpeg in the brower – am I doing something wrong? (botanical vector pack, flourish frame being a couple)

    many thanks, and thank you so much for sharing your artwork!


  8. @ Caroline

    Sorry about that. Which vector are you talking about? Maybe we linked it incorrectly.
    Let us know and we’ll fix it right away. We’ll send you an email in case you don’t check this.


  9. If we use these vectors for resale (i.e. posters), do they need to be edited or can they be used as is?

  10. All vector on this website that says, “Created by IHeartVector” can be used in personal AND commercial projects. Other vectors on this website that were not created by us, each carry different licenses so you’ll have to check with the individual artists.

    If you point to a specific vector I can tell you for sure what the license is.


  11. Hi there,

    Can these royalty free vectors be used in commercial art AND be trademarked or design patented in said commercial art? If not, would you be willing to sell any of these royalty free vectors to be trademarked (and removed from your site)? Please advise.

    Best Regards,

  12. You guys so totally rock!

  13. This site is such a genius idea!

    Is there a way to browse only the free images (sorry I sound like such a cheapscape!).

    I’m currently just using them for doing trial designs for t-shirt prints. When later I get to printing stage I’m quite happy to pay for the right image.

  14. retract question- just found the categories! Brill!



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