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I Heart Crap Hound

Crap Hound Zine Ever since I saw Sean Tejaratchi’s Crap Hound zine for the first time many years ago, I’ve wanted to create a free graphic resource blog. Crap Hound inspired me to start IHeartVector and to create vector that is truly Royalty Free. So that you can use it for more than just personal work. That is why 80% of the vector you find on IHeartVector.com is free to use in not only your personal illustrations, but also your commercial work, too. The other 20% is submitted by artists from around the world, all of which have various licenses.

Crap Hound magazine is made up of found, contributed, stolen and “borrowed” clip-art. The zine is just pure eye-candy and very inspirational to thumb through. I’ve easily looked through my issues hundreds of times.

IHeartVector’s vector, on the other hand, is mostly all created by me. I use public domain photos from time to time. But to create a majority of the vector, I take photographs of objects and textures, use Poser and 3D Max, visit libraries and used book stores and hunt for old books. From these sources I create the vector using auto trace or I trace with my trusty Wacom tablet.

Anyway, the Crap Hound inspired vector packs will contain 20% vector created by us and the other 80% vector created by various artists for the public domain. We have cleaned things up a bit, grouped certain layers to make them easier to work with, merged random objects so that everything is easy to re-color, etc. Even though all the vector is public domain and royalty free, which means no credit needs to be given to the creator, we will eventually be linking to as many of the contributor’s personal pages as we can.

Starting today, and probably every few months, we will be offering vector packs in the spirit of Crap Hound, in that, they will have a sort of cut and paste, raw, DIY style to them. Most of the vector on this site is pretty non-clip-arty, in my opinion, but these packs will be a bit more random than our usual stuff. Not exclusively clip-art, but definitely more desperate in styles. Each pack will contain at least 20-40 vectors and each pack will have a different theme. So each pack will hopefully contain a few things that everyone will like.

Download Hand Vector Pack >>

If you want to learn more about Crap Hound, here’s a great interview with Sean Tejaratchi as well as tons of Crap Hound imagery. >>

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dawn says July 16, 2009

this is a really good idea! the hand pack looks neato!

art i says July 16, 2009

very nice :O

Brooke D says October 24, 2009

Wow, thank you for letting me know about crap hound.

Love your blog too 😉


tims says May 12, 2010

I love this blog!!! Thanks for all the vector man!

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