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Tibetan Vector Flag

IHeartVector Free Tibetan Vector Flag
Created by: IHeartVector
Category: Free, Flag
File Type: .eps
Description: WeHeartTibet! Use this beautiful Tibetan flag vector to express support for human rights for the people of Tibet. Visit StudentsForAFreeTibet.org to take action and to donate today. Free Tibet!
License: Royalty free vector. Free to use in your personal and commercial designs.

Download “Tibet Flag” iheartvector-tibet-flag-free.eps – Downloaded 4584 times – 226 KB

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Alistair IW Campbell says July 30, 2008

I support all Tibetans, I feel sick at Chinese treatment of individuals and the collusion of other countries with China. Only when Tibet is released from [China], will Earth as a whole be able to continue Spiritually, Alistair

Stefanie says July 31, 2008

Sadly, many governments (including China and the US), corporations, organizations, and individuals violate human rights. Chinese people are very good and peace-loving and have been misled about Tibet. Support human rights for all; see http://www.unhchr.ch/udhr



alex says August 4, 2008

@ Alistair and Stefanie. Thank you for caring.

Linda McNamara says July 23, 2009

I feel strongly that Tibet should be free. Palestine and Tibet have been denied the rite to their own land for long enough. Freedom and equality for all people.

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